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Wood Kiln Project


We are in the process of building our very own wood fired kiln! 

Cindy and I want to thank you for being a patron of the arts, and especially of Potsalot Pottery.
Whether you visited with us at our shop, festivals or trunk shows, your support has always been
appreciated. You are part of our community, and we are ready for that community to grow. In
order to do this, we need your help. For almost 30 years we have been collecting bricks, gathering
building materials, assembling tools and searching and securing a build site in order to build a
wood fired kiln for ourselves and our community. We juggled all this and more while building a
business and raising a family. Thankfully, with help and support, we are almost there.
Large wood kilns are massive efforts. Groups and individuals come together not only to build it, but
also to fire it. Though undoubtably more, I know of only 7 other wood kilns in Louisiana, only two
of which are not on a college campus. Wood kilns create a community by bringing people together
for a shared vision: that of creating a unique piece of ceramic art. The effect wood kilns have towards
the surface of pots is unique and instantly recognizable.
Since 1997 we have participated with different wood fire teams across the Gulf Coast, continually
building enthusiasm for the process, and becoming part of a larger artistic community. Local artist
Chris Pate, former kiln master at the renowned East Creek Anagama Kiln in Willamina OR, will be
leading the kiln building project at our site located north of New Orleans in Husser LA.
Thousands of bricks sit at the ready on site to assemble. Becoming a VIP you gain the opportunity
to view the work before the general public and if that work speaks to you, your invested dollars are
worth up to 20% more towards the purchase of that piece (see attached chart for more details). This
is a big step for us, one that fulfills a dream held for decades. We truly appreciate your continued
support, and sincerely hope you will enjoy exploring this wild adventure with us.
We are happy to answer questions by phone, or email at Donations can be
made by checks and credit card. Please make checks payable to Potsalot Pottery and mail to the
shop: 3818 Magazine St, New Orleans 70115. For credit card donations, visit the link below.

Sincerely & Thankfully Yours,

Alex & Cindy Williams
Potsalot Pottery


The fundraiser will remain open until the completion of the build, since materials are still needed.  Click here to donate online. 
Please include your email address with your donation for updates!

We accept donations in any amount and will include "happy's" and incentives, so please include your email and stay tuned and check back often for popup celebrations! 

Also, you may contact us with any questions via email: or phone: 504-899-1705 (during our business hours Tuesday-Saturday 11-5).